Are your documents and passwords safe and prepared for the unknown?

Do you wish you could have peace of mind knowing that all your documents, bank accounts and credit cards were safely stored in a digital form?

Do you have secure passwords AND emergency contacts identified to access them in case of the unknown?

I call this having a Digital Disaster Plan.

Read on to find out more…

Do you ever worry that...



It often happens in the chaos of sudden sickness and disability.


Today, you only have minutes to cancel your cards.


$80 Billion of assets remain unclaimed in the US alone.


Are you really safe, or do you just think you are?


Losing precious photos and other information is devastating.


No one expects a fire, tornado, earthquake, or having to leave everything behind.

(If the answer to any of these is yes -- you're in the right place.)

Imagine instead that you feel...

  • Relieved that your passwords are stored safely in one place. No more password resets, thinking up passwords, or remembering them!
  • Confident that your credit cards and documents are stored in a secure "digital lockbox." For you -- AND your loved ones!
  • Calm, knowing that you have a plan for emergencies in place, AND have identified those who can access your "digital lockbox" when they need it.
  • Assured that your passwords are unhackable and your assets and info are safe!
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Digital Disaster Planning is...

...planning for the future using a Password Manager.

...stopping the cycle of having to think up and then forgetting your passwords.

...becoming "unhackable" with easy but strong passwords.

...saving your important documents in a digital form that you will always have with you.

...knowing who will get your passwords and documents when they need them most.

...six weeks that will change your life forever (and your family's)!

Digital Disaster Planning is a course that will teach you exactly, step by step, how to create a “digital lockbox” for you and your loved ones.

I teach seniors and beginning computer users all the time, so this course is specifically crafted to be easy to follow and non-techie.

I hold your hand every step of the way and teach you just the way I've taught many clients before you.

I break up each lesson into bite-sized, doable tasks that you complete. The course is designed to be complete in six weeks, but — with lifetime access to the content — you can work at your own pace. Some people have completed their Digital Disaster Plan in as little as three weeks.

Oh, wait, let me introduce myself. I'm Laura!

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Hi, I'm Laura!

I'm the founder of Digital Helpmates, and I've been tutoring individuals on their computers and smart devices since 2015.

Before that, I earned my undergraduate degree from Pepperdine University and went on to a career in advertising and graphic design. I've always been drawn to teaching (I have quite a few teachers in my family) and in 2006, I earned my High School California Teaching Credential from Dominican University. I taught at Redwood and Berkeley High School, both in the Bay Area.

After taking 10 years off to move to Bremerton, WA and start a family, I decided to go back to work -- this time as a technology tutor. I enjoyed it so much, and soon had many clients! I launched Digital Helpmates in 2020 (right before the pandemic hit). Now, I manage a team of tutors who help teach people in the way my clients loved -- with personalized, friendly, one-on-one help. I came to care deeply for all my clients, and my tutors do, too. To be honest, we all just love what we do!

Now that I have other tutors to help clients, I'm focusing on teaching in-depth courses on the topics I've been asked about the most by my clients over the years. One of my deep passions is helping keep seniors safe online.

I hope you will trust me to lead you on this journey!

A sneak peek of the Sessions...

Session 1: Your "Virtual Lockbox"

Help set up your "virtual lockbox" so you have 24/7 access to your passwords.

Highlight Reel:

  • How to get your "virtual lockbox" for FREE on your computer
  • How to come up with a secure yet memorable password
  • How to never lose the answers to your website’s security questions.

Session 2: How to have your Virtual Lockbox with you always

Set up your "virtual lockbox" on your mobile devices, so you are never without your passwords or documents.

Highlight Reel:

  • The benefits of having your "virtual lockbox" on mobile
  • How to use LastPass on your mobile devices, how it differs from the computer
  • What documents to begin gathering (and which NOT to bother gathering).


  • Worksheet: The "Must Save" Document Checklist
  • Worksheet: The "What NOT to Save" Document Checklist

Session 3: Two easy ways to preserve your documents forever

Capturing your documents is as easy as snapping a picture from your iPhone. For those without smartphones, we lead you through scanning them on your printer/scanner/copier.

Highlight Reel:

  • Additional important documents you may not have considered gathering
  • How to scan OR photograph your documents so they are clear and legible
  • Accessing your vault & your documents


  • Worksheet: The Comprehensive "Have You Considered...?" Document Checklist
  • Worksheet: The "Other Data" Checklist

Session 4: Saving Credit Cards & More 

How to never lose your credit cards, even if your wallet is lost or stolen. Additional time-saving benefit of entering credit cards you may not have considered.

Highlight Reel:

  • The magic efficiency of Form Fill (it's like having an "online butler")
  • Make a record of phone conversations in your vault to help you if a conflict arises
  • Record interest rates, terms & conditions of credit cards so you KNOW when they change


  • Exercise: Emergency Access Brainstorm

Session 5: Give Emergency Access to your Vault

After this session, your passwords and important documents will have an easy and secure path to be delivered to your loved ones.

Highlight Reel:

  • Why designating Emergency Access (EA) Contacts is better than handing over your passwords.
  • How EA Contacts will gain secure access to your vault
  • Asking EA Contacts: The best way to approach this conversation, and who to ask.


  • Worksheet: How To Choose Emergency Access Contacts
  • Email Template: Asking and Giving Instructions to Your Emergency Contacts

Session 6: Make Yourself Unhackable 

Learn the most common ways we get hacked, and the "Kryptonite" for each of these methods. In this session, we will begin to change your most insecure passwords to protect your assets and identity.

Highlight Reel:

  • How passwords are stolen, and how to easily avoid the common attacks using our "recipe"
  • The built-in tool that lets you know which passwords should be changed
  • How to safely share passwords that you can revoke access to at any time


  • Handout: The DHM Password Recipe®
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Our former students say...

"As I have gotten older, it has occurred to me that I wouldn’t be prepared to take over these responsibilities if something were to happen to him."

— Angie (age 45)

Angie's Story

“This course is absolutely worth the time and money...”

— Tish (age 44)

"I am so grateful to now have safe passwords and a record of all my important documents in LastPass."

— Renae (age 79)

Are you ready for the future? There's no time like the present.

Digital Disaster Planning Course Includes:

  • Lifetime access to video course to complete in your time, on your schedule.
  • 15-page Course Workbook, which contain all the custom worksheets, templates and checklists you will need to complete your plan.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group with bonus video tutorials and Q&A with our team.
  • Having a skilled teacher guide you through a process that would otherwise have seemed undoable on your own.


One-time cost

What other questions do you have?

Choose a day on our calendar for a chat. We love to talk about our courses!

This course will change your life -- we guarantee it.

If you watch all the teaching videos and do all the work assigned and still don't manage to complete your Digital Disaster Plan after 8 weeks, we will refund your course tuition in full!

That's how confident I am that this system works and that you will be successful if you put in the work.